Multi-Person Paddle Boards

Stand up paddle boarding as a family or group is great exercise, very sociable and also a lot of fun! We’ve developed a great range of multi-person paddle boards to cater for all needs. Be that families who want to explore together, larger groups looking for fun, or teams who want to test their skills in a competitive environment! Our boards range from the 2 person Voyager Tandem, up to the enormous Ride XL, capable of carrying 8 people. At 17 feet long and 60 inches wide, it’s the biggest inflatable paddle board on the water!

  • 14’0″ Ride L MSL

    Perfect for families or groups of friends who want to share an adventure

  • 15’0″ Voyager Tandem

    Perfect for explorers who like to share the experience

  • 17’0″ XL Ride

    Ideal for groups of all kinds - bring the dog, too!

  • 22’0″ Dragon

    Built for racers who thrive on team spirit