13’2″ Voyager+

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Für die Abenteuer des Lebens … Das 13’2” Voyager+ ist das ultimative Board für Erkundungen: reich ausgestattet mit speziellen Features und für echte Abenteuer ausgelegt.

Seine erhöhten Seiten, das große Volumen und die etwas schmalere Form qualifizieren es zum High-Speed-Cruiser für erfahrene Paddler. Es hat vorne und hinten Gepäckschlaufen, damit du deine gesamte Ausrüstung mitnehmen kannst, und das Deck ist in diesem Bereich besonders rutschfest gestaltet. Wie das 12’6” Voyager hat es eine abnehmbare Finne, eine Nose-Runner, die bei Seitenwind das Spurverhalten verbessert, und zwei Rear-Runner, die das Heck stabilisieren, wenn das Board stärker beladen ist. Natürlich bekommst du es in unserem einfach zu transportierenden Rucksack. Auf zu neuen Ufern!

30" / 762mm
5.9"/ 150mm
350 litres
Für Paddler bis zu
up to 150kgs / 330lbs
Gewicht des Boards
11.5kg / 25.3lb
Höhe der Tasche
96 cm / 37.7 "
Breite der Tasche
39 cm / 15.35 "
Tiefe der Tasche
36 cm / 14.17"
150 litres
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8 reviews
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Steve Tilbury (Stevie T.)
Bewertet am 23rd Dezember 2018
Für Touring

Having wanted to upgrade from my very first red paddle co board, a 10'6" I looked at various sizes and styles (and makes!). I finally settled on the Voyager 13'2" as it offered me everything I wanted for a new touring class board. There's a real stiffness when it's inflated and that helps provide a tremendous glide across the surface. One good stroke and I'm cruising nicely. The mounting points are a real boon, I can star mount my camera, paddle clip and even eye-hooks for strapping points.

Looks wise, the board stands out nicely on the water, and the build quality is top spec. With it's 9" box fin it tracks straighter than an arrow and it's pretty quick to turn to, even though it's 13' long. With 4 carry handles, it isn't difficult to negotiate portage on the many Thames River locks either.

All told a great all-around touring board which comfortably cruises at 7mph without any difficulty. I paired this with a QuickBlade Trifector 96 carbon paddle. Very pleased with my purchases.

Matt E
Bewertet am 15th Juni 2018

This is the 5th SUP I've bought. Even after buying an expensive race board this board gets by far the most use. Works well everywhere from ocean swells to whitewater. Fast and stable usually contradict but Red managed to put both together in this board. So stable I carried a (large) kayaker I rescued and their boat alongside back to shore. I responded to a coast guard distress call too with it and got a boat off a rock which nobody else dared to go near. I would use this board in place of my proper sea kayak for an overnight camping trip. It easily keeps up with sea kayaks. Great from beginner to expert in all various SUP uses from quick fitness paddles on calm water to carrying heavy cargo in rough water and recently I've found myself doing freestyle tricks which I don't know if is a thing but it's fun and great exercise for agility, balance, and heart rate and being inflatable means I feel safer at the idea of face planting on it. No other board I've ever used is as versatile.


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