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Tribal Clash UK – The world’s largest multi-person paddle board event

Last week the legendary CrossFit event ‘Tribal Clash’ descended on Bantham beach, Devon, for Tribal Clash UK 2017. Thousands of competitors arrived from around the world ready and raring to tackle two ultimate days of team based intense mixed athletic challenges, in a hope of winning the Tribal Clash title. The community festival consists of… Read more »

Paddle Boarding Profiles: Meet the Ride Tribe

This week we’ve taken a closer look at our wonderful Ride range and found out exactly why these boards are so well loved by our Red Paddle community. To further understand the benefits of these all-rounder boards we caught up with a few friendly paddlers who took the time to tell us all about their favourite… Read more »

Paddle boarding profiles: Meet our SUP Explorers

Our ‘Board of the Week’ this week is The Explorer range! We have taken the time to delve deep into the amazing technical benefits of our Explorer boards, so we hope you now feel well prepped to get out there and give one of these incredible boards a go! Today however, we are turning the… Read more »

Adventure Paddle Boarding with Explorer paddle boards

“Because it can carry weight easily, I have been able to access remote locations and beaches by hopping on a ferry with my Explorer paddle board in its bag, and launching the board once reached the destination, carrying with me as I paddle: its bag, the pump, an electric pump, snorkeling kit, plus all my gear.”… Read more »

Weekly Re-Cap 45

To keep you up to date with all of the latest and greatest content from Red Paddle Co from over the past week. If you would like to be featured, just tag your photos with @redpaddleco on Facebook or Instagram, alternatively you can email Our team at Red Paddle Co USA stopped by Corridor… Read more »