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Preferred Retailer: The SUP Company

Posted 29th Nov 2019 by katie-wooster|  19th July 2019 Born out of a passion for Stand Up Paddle Boarding, The SUP Company was founded in 2015 by Tony Jones with...Read more

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A Wild Generation

Posted 28th Nov 2019 by tim-morrisEmbracing great outdoor family activities |  19th July 2019 "No one will protect what they don't care about; and no one will care abou...Read more

Preferred Retailer 101 Surf Sports

Posted 27th Nov 2019 by katie-woosterPreferred retailer 101 surf sports |  19th July 2019 As long time windsurfers and owners of 101 Surf Sports, Cort Larned and David Wel...Read more

Progress Your Paddle Boarding

Posted 7th Oct 2019 by tim-morrisPaddle further with a Touring inflatable SUP |  19th July 2019 Here at Red Paddle Co we often get asked ‘What next?’ by paddlers w...Read more

Red Paddle Co 2020 Vision

Posted 26th Sep 2019 by stuart-walker A new year. A new look. A new adventure. For 2020 we have focussed on constant refinement of our range to make your time on the water th...Read more

A beginner’s guide:

Posted 11th Sep 2019 by robyndawsonTips for using your inflatable SUP for the first time You’ve just bought your very first inflatable paddle board and you are understan...Read more

Travel Diaries #31 – SUP to Summit

Posted 3rd Sep 2019 by tim-morrisFrom SUP to SUMMIT |  19th July 2019 It has been almost a year since the Red Paddle Co Compact 9’6”, the world’s most transportab...Read more

The best family paddle boards

Posted 16th Apr 2019 by robyndawsonTHE BEST FAMILY PADDLE BOARDS |  19th July 2019  There is nothing better than spending quality time together and embracing the gre...Read more