Board Thickness


Thickness. Redefined.

To create a stiffer board you can either increase the pressure inside the board, change the plan shape of the board (the shape you see when looking directly down on the board from above) or increase the thickness of the board.

At Red Paddle Co we know the exact relationship that plan shape has to stiffness. All of the curves on a Red Paddle Co board are there for a reason. We design function first. We lead with design to create the best shape for use with the inflatable technology.

Making a board thicker will automatically make it stiffer but it will also affect the performance of the board. If a board is too thick it’s maneuverability and stability in the surf and on moving water will be compromised. We have worked with material manufacturers to produce our drop stitch material to exact thicknesses to allow us to make the stiffest boards while still maintaining the highest level of performance and allow the board to match the feel and performance of there hard board cousins.



100mm thickness is perfect for boards with a surf orientation. The thinner rails make for better control on the wave face and while paddling out. 100mm boards don’t offer the best stiffness though so that is why we developed our Patent Pending RSS system. We are now able to offer the stiffest boards 100mm boards with the best performance that have ever been produced. No other inflatable board performs as well in the surf as a 100mm Red board with the RSS system. Used on 9’2”, 9’4″, 9’6” and 10’ models. Learn more about the RSS System HERE.


120mm thickness is exclusive to Red Paddle Co and is the perfect combination of stiffness and control for all round shapes. Combined with our inflatable specific nose and tail designs we have been able to produce the stiffest boards for this size. 120mm allows the rider to keep a low centre of gravity while achieving exceptional stiffness. Used on our 10’6”, 10’8” and 10’6″ Max Race models.


150mm thickness is perfect for non surfing shapes. It gives great stiffness and means the Explorer board has enough volume to carry a lot of equipment or in the case of the 12’6” Red Race and Elite Race boards it makes the board float high to reduce drag in racing conditions. Adding the RSS system to the Race board and you have the stiffest board of this size that anyone has ever produced.